Petrol reached beyond Rs. 100, Diesel price record hike

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi counted achievements through radio on completion of seven years of his government on Sunday, and the next day showed the ground reality by increasing prices of petrol and diesel. In May, 16 consecutive days of petrol and diesel prices were increased, due to which petrol in Delhi became expensive by Rs 3.87 and diesel by Rs 4.42.

According to the website of leading oil marketing company Indian Oil Corporation, the price of petrol has increased by 29 paise and diesel by 28 paise in four metros of the country including Delhi today.

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In the national capital, petrol became costlier by 29 paise to Rs 94.23 and diesel by 28 paise to Rs 85.15 per liter.

Due to the Corona pandemic, where the jobs and business of the people have all come to a standstill, the price of petrol is setting new records with every increase for the last several days.

Petrol and diesel were costlier by 28–28 paise in Mumbai. One liter petrol was priced at Rs 100.47 and one liter diesel was Rs 92.45.

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In Chennai, the price increased by 25 paise and petrol was sold at Rs 95.76 and diesel by Rs 89.90 per liter.

In Kolkata, petrol rose by 28 paise to Rs 94.25 and diesel by 26 paise to Rs 88 per liter.

Petrol and diesel prices are reviewed daily and based on that new prices are implemented every day from 6 am.

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