After black, now the risk of white fungus increases, know which states are in its havoc

Amritsar: During coronavirus pandemic, first black fungus and now white fungus is wreaking havoc in Amritsar. There have been case reports of four black and one white fungus in the district, while one patient has died.

Fungi patients are admitted in government and private hospitals. So far, a total of 31 patients have been reported in the grip of black fungus in the district. With this, four patients have died.

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According to the information, cases of fungus are increasing rapidly in Amritsar after the corona virus. Three patients have also died in the district. There are now 28 active cases.

Private hospitals are struggling with the shortage of amphotericin B injection, which is considered effective in the treatment of first fungus. Posacona zone drugs are being given to under-treated patients in most hospitals.

Discomfort in the Health Department and panic in the people has increased due to 31 patients being found in a month. Black fungus has created an atmosphere of fear in the Corona period.

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However, treatment of this disease is possible in the medical world. The patient who died of black fungus was undergoing treatment in a private hospital.

On the other hand, Civil Surgeon Dr. Charanjit Singh told that a case of white fungus has come to the fore in Guru Nanak Dev Hospital.

A patient suffering from white fungus is being treated. Any black and white fungus cases that are coming up are being treated.

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