BJP MLA writes letter to CM asking for the title of “Corona warrior” for “Jholachap” doctors

Satna: Maihar BJP MLA Narayan Tripathi is again in the media headlines. This time he has written a letter to CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan, demanding the status of ‘Corona Warriors’ to the “Jholachap” doctors. While advocating for quacks, Tripathi has called them angels. Also said, ‘These angels should be given the status of corona warriors by making them health guards and health servants. In times of disaster, he has helped in controlling the corona by treating the common people from village to village.

According to the MLA, the poor class had controlled the minor cough and fever in the village itself with their medicine due to lack of money. In such a situation, they should be deployed for treatment in areas without health by giving them proper training. Those who address them as “Jholachap” doctors, they should now speak angels after the corona epidemic.

MLA wrote in letter to CM Shivraj Singh Chauhan

In his letter dated May 31, Tripathi said, ‘We all of you are from rural environment. Also here you know the real situation better. During the epidemic, we have seen from village to village that the “Jholachap” doctors have worked to curb minor ailments like cold, cough, fever. Such rural patients who do not have the money to go to the city hospital and get treatment, their support should be this quacks.

He further wrote that, ‘He has the experience of injecting, applying dips and giving generic medicines. Many have a minor degree-diploma. It would be appropriate to use them for first aid and awareness.


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