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America Presidential Election 2020: Joe Biden v/s Donald Trump, is US going to get new president soon?

Washington: The counting of votes for the presidential election in America, the world’s most powerful country, continues. Joe Biden v/s Donald Trump.

Current President Donald Trump from the Republican Party and former Vice President Joe Biden are in the fray for the presidency.

Joe Biden is closer to the majority than Trump. A majority of 538 electoral votes require 270 votes in presidential election in America.

At the moment, Biden has 264 electoral votes, while Trump has just 214. Biden is just 6 votes away from the majority figure (270).

However, results are yet to come in many major states. At the same time, Donald Trump has questioned the counting of votes. He has reached the Supreme Court for this.

Trump said in a tweet, “Where we were winning yesterday, how did we suddenly fall behind. Last night I was leading strongly. In many states, Democrats control the counting of votes.”

At the same time, Joe Biden said, ‘We are confident that victory will be ours. But this will not be our only victory. This victory will be for the American people, it will be for our democracy, it will be for America.

On the other hand, Trump’s election campaign has sued the Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Georgia governments. In these states, US President has lagged behind his rival Biden.

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