Landslides due to heavy rain in Indonesia, 11 people died

Jakarta: Two separate incidents of landslides have killed about 11 people and injured 18 due to heavy rains in Indonesia. This information has been given by the authorities.

Let me tell you, during the search operation released after the first incident, this second incident has occurred, including the people of the rescue team.

Giving details of the accident, a spokesman for the National Disaster Mitigation Agency of Indonesia said, “The second incident of landslide occurred in Sihanjuang village in Samdang district of West Java province when the relief and rescue teams of the landslide occurred on Saturday. Later, they were working to save the people and have got themselves caught.

The spokesman said that rescue team also included those who died. In both accidents, 11 people have died and 18 others have been injured.

He said, search operation is going on at present, but due to bad weather, there is a lot of difficulty, due to which unnecessary delay in rescue work is being done.


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